Gareth: A 1000 Londoners Documentary

If you’ve walked along the Southbank, you’ll have bumped into Gareth and his bookselling stands. Gareth take us through his easygoing approach to sales.

Vanessa: A 1000 Londoners Documentary

Vanessa Blythe has designed a clothing line called Nina Baker, named after her mother, which she sells in markets across London and in-store in Haringey. Vanessa talks about her love for one-off pieces and her dreams for the future.


Christine: A 1000 Londoners Documentary

Christine has been through a lot with her dog Archie – including overcoming drug addiction to start a new phase of life where she’s discovered her talent as a filmmaker. A few years ago she got into a disagreement and Archie was kidnapped by drug dealers and left abandoned. Thankfully they were reunited and are both looking forward to happier times ahead. This film was edited by Christine herself and made by SElect18 film collective.

David: A 1000 Londoners Documentary

This is film is the first in the ‘Londoners of the Thames’ – 1000 Londoners Totally Thames 2015 series.

David Watkins is the Captain of the only free ferry service in London; the Woolwich Ferry. Despite making the same short journey, from the north to the south of the river Thames and back again, he never gets bored as “no two journeys are the same”. The camaraderie between his crew always provides entertainment, but also the tide, the cars, the people all differ on each journey, and from his viewpoint he gets to see everything. David is from a family of people who have worked on the Thames and although his Father’s suffered a severe accident it hasn’t put him or his son off continuing to work on the river.

Jay: A 1000 Londoners Documentary

Jay is the current British Supermoto champion. We join Jay on the morning of the GB Supermoto at Lydden Hill, Kent. We follow Jay as he gets prepared for the race and talks about his hopes and fears. He talks openly about his battle with drug addiction and the important role Supermoto plays on his road to recovery.


Anthony: A 1000 Londoners Documentary

Anthony is a resourceful young man who has had many problems to overcome in his past. After finding himself in a situation that went from, “Once in a blue moon to Once in a blue sky”, Anthony decides to take a new direction in his life. We follow Anthony on a journey through his past, pausing to reflect at locations in Greenwich important to his story.

This film was produced by SElect 18, under the guidance of professional filmmakers from Chocolate Films. The film was written,shot and edited in 5 half day workshops.